Biosolids Management

Our fleet of semi tankers and trucks safely transport biosolids to various disposal sites, including land application sites, landfills, or the Merrell Bros., Inc. Regional Biosolids Centers

Digester Cleanout

We have extensive experience in the cleaning of many different digesters

Dredging Services

Our fleet of hydraulic dredges can remove solids from the bottom of a channel, pond, or lagoon.

Land Application

Our Terra-Gators are capable of handling any amount of application services.

Custom Farming

Using Merrell Bros., Inc. as a custom farm operator allows a farmer or landowner to be engaged in his or her farm operation without large equipment overhead costs.

Farm Drainage

A drainage system is only as good as the quality of workmanship that is put into it. We strive to pay attention to the details.


Merrell Bros. has a long-standing reputation of completing projects on time, on budget, without the burden of ongoing changes during the project.

Devoted IT Services

Providing technology services to meet your business needs.



Merrell Bros., Inc. has been an industry leader in the beneficial reuse / biosolids management field for over 25 years. We have been blessed with the opportunity to grow through hard work, honesty, and professionalism. Below are some of the services that we offer. Feel free to email us any questions or give us a call for a consultation or site visit.

Services Include:


  • Biosolids Management
  • Digester Clean Out
  • Dredging Services
  • Land Application
  • Custom Farming
  • Farm Drainage
  • Construction
  • Devoted IT Services

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