FloridaGreen is Merrell Bros., Inc.’s newest facility.  It is located in Pasco County, Florida and is a public-private partnership with Pasco County. The facility incorporates two different technologies: solar greenhouse drying and a belt dryer to take biosolids and transform them into a Class AA product. FloridaGreen will process approximately 50,000 wet tons of biosolids per year and will be reducing the volume of material by nearly 75%. FloridaGreen Fertilizer is produced via solar drying and oven pasteurization from a water reclamation process and is easy to transport, stage, and apply.  We offer free delivery to all of central Florida.

For more information, check out our 4-part info series on YouTube by clicking here!

FloridaGreen – Overview (1 of 4)
FloridaGreen – The Process (2 of 4)
FloridaGreen – The Science (3 of 4)
FloridaGreen – Testimonials (4 of 4)

The following Merrell Bros. products and services are protected by patents in the United States. This webpage is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act and to provide notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a). The following list of products and services may not be all inclusive, and other products and services not listed here may be protected by one or more patents in the United States. Additional patents may be pending in the United States.

Product or Method U.S. Patent No./Serial No.
Systems, methods, and apparatus for converting biosolids to class A fertilizer 9,751,813
Systems, methods and apparatus for converting biosolids to class A fertilizer 10,259,755
Systems, Methods, and Apparatus for Converting Biosolids to an Enhanced Cylindrical Class A Fertilizer 63/310,628
Systems And Methods For Mechanically Removing Liquid From Material 63/285,508
Double Drum Systems and Processes for Converting Biosolids to Fertilizer 17/220,994

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