Sediment Removal Services

Dock Dredging and Weed Maintenance is a key service that SRS provides by clearing out unwanted weeds and sediment that can restrict boat access to your dock. SRS will clean up your boat dock area and restore your dock to its original condition by removing the weeds and sediment and hauling it away.

Shoreline Restoration is a very important service SRS provides. Erosion Control stops the shifting of soil particles due to devastating impacts of rainfall, wind and waves. Many developments have been affected by the lack of maintenance of a bank. There are many methods of prevention/restoration depending on the amount of erosion that has already occurred. Make sure you take a look at your river, pond, or lake bank and be one step ahead of the process! Rip Rap Walls are constructed to prevent the erosion process. SRS takes pride in installing visually pleasing yet fully functional rock walls for the future of your shorline. Call us for details! Pond Cleaning seems like a losing task, but there are many bacteria that live and grow in ponds, rivers, lakes that can be harmful if there is an excess of it. SRS provides services to remove the "MUCK" from your water.

Pond Cleaning and Sediment Removal is also important! Removing this from the bottom can create cleaner water where less harmful bacteria will grow.

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