FloridaGreen BTF

FloridaGreen is Merrell Bros., Inc.’s newest facility.  It is located in Pasco County, Florida and is a public-private partnership with Pasco County. The facility incorporates two different technologies: solar greenhouse drying and a belt dryer to take biosolids and transform them into a Class AA product. FloridaGreen will process approximately 50,000 wet tons of biosolids per year and will be reducing the volume of material by nearly 75%. FloridaGreen Fertilizer is produced via solar drying and oven pasteurization from a water reclamation process and is easy to transport, stage, and apply.  We offer free delivery to all of central Florida.

For more information, check out our 4-part info-series on YouTube by clicking here!

FloridaGreen – Overview (1 of 4)
FloridaGreen – The Process (2 of 4)
FloridaGreen – The Science (3 of 4)
FloridaGreen – Testimonials (4 of 4)

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FloridaGreen BTF