Dallas, TX

In February of 2012 Merrell Bros., Inc. finished dewatering and disposing of sludge from 2 lagoons in Dallas, Texas. The work was completed a month ahead of schedule! The lagoons are located at the Elm Fork Water Plant in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, Texas. The plant was originally built in 1951 and is 1 of 3 operated by Dallas Utilities. We filled over 7,330 semi trailers with dewatered sludge, that is 292,000,000 lbs of dewatered cake material removed. With our equipment lineup and method of removal, either lagoon could remain in service during the project, allowing Dallas Utilities to be unaffected by the work we were completing for them. To finish this huge project in such a short amount of time we employed 2 IMS versi-hydraulic dredges, 12 Ashbrook 2-meter belt presses, along with a lot of professionalism and know-how. Merrell Bros., Inc. is your #1 choice in mobile dewatering.
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