Terry Merrell

Terry Merrell

Chief Financial Officer, Co-Owner

Ever since he can remember, Terry Merrell never liked losing. As a young high school basketball player, wearing jersey number 32, his high school had only won the high school Sectional one time in the school's history. Coincidentally, it happened 25 years earlier when his father was a starter on the 1955 Sectional winning team. All throughout Terry's teenage years he would practice and practice, shooting baskets in a cold farm shed in North Central Indiana in order to have a shot at accomplishing what Dad did 25 years earlier.
His motto has always been to "try harder", which is what his teammates did and together they beat the big Goliath, City of Kokomo's high school team, made up of a group of much larger athletes.
This philosophy carried over into the business world and in 1982 his brother Ted and he bought their first Big Wheels waste hauling truck. Since they did not have much money, they "tried 
harder" and personally operated that truck around the clock, day and night, to pay for it. Terry remembers on the evening before his wedding day, in the month of December, he was driving the truck with a snowmobile suit on because the door had rusted off, and the heater was broken. Because of the debt they faced from purchasing the truck, they could not afford to fix
the cab's heater. 
Today, Terry spends most of his time reviewing and preparing bids as well as going from Alaska to Florida, to California, to Maine, looking at and bidding on new projects as CFO of Merrell Bros.,Inc.His goal is to continue to "try harder" to find ways to provide Biosolids Management services to each customer in the most professional, cost effective manner.

Terry claims his greatest accomplishment in life has been working with his wife to lead his entire family to Christ. He always reminds his wife that what she is doing each day raising their kids is far more important than what he does as CFO at Merrell Bros. Peace in life comes from knowing that when you finally take your last breath, your entire family has accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and will soon be with you for eternity. Terry considers a successful life is knowing your best days are yet to come. It makes 'doing life' exciting as each day brings us one day closer to the ultimate prize of Heavenly peace and rest. 

Until then, Terry will continue to perform Biosolids Management services until that wonderful day when God calls him home.  If you too would also like to spend eternity in Heaven please click here
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